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Unfortunately there is a growing problem with obesity, especially in America. The numbers here are staggering, it’s a combination of lack of diet and exercise that’s causing this (of course there are more underlying factors, but these are the main ones). It’s always easier said than done when it comes to eating healthy and getting into the gym. 

It makes it even tough when there’s a ‘never-ending-line’ of weight loss programs out there – there isn’t a lot of info on which ones actually work, and therein lies the problem. Hopefully I can give you enough information in here to help you make an informed decision; I will try to be impartial as possible.

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Fat loss factor – Information

The mind that created the Fat loss factor program is Dr. Charles Livingstone. He’s well known in the community of chiropractic’s and is also known as a wellness specialist. The flf guide contains specifics for a better, fit, healthier lifestyle to help you lose weight and get in better shape. The idea (and there are many) is to change the mindset of people to want to lose weight, starting with the thought of success and moving on to learning how to eat healthier, exercise more and move forward with a focused (positive) mental attitude. The overall feel of the fat loss factor book is a ‘down to earth’ type of approach.

Bad toxins and more

One of the main focuses, at least in the beginning is removal of bad toxins found in the body, it’s a detox, but done in a different way than most do. Of course some of the common factors are there such as eating foods like vegetables, raw nuts, beans, fruits etc.. But the detox is done at a different stage of the plan which changes things up completely.

The first phase is a bit tougher and requires quite a bit of water intake, but you have to keep in mind that it’s all for a greater cause and in the end (if you follow through) it’s all worth it. Moving onto another phase in the program is of course food. What to eat, what not to eat, when to eat it, when not to eat it and why to eat it. It’s all explained and he even gives you a grocery list of exactly what to buy and why to buy it. It’s more or less a blueprint to help you succeed with weight loss.

You will eventually move on to some other phases that include strength and interval training, these are often done to help shock your body into change. Your body adapts to things quickly so if you don’t keep changing it up, then the chances of hitting a plateau are much greater, this is all covered in depth in the fat loss factor book as well!

Mental toughness
A whole section is dedicated to help you get your mind right. Without having a good mindset, none of the things you learn will stick with you and you’ll be moving on the next program week after week. It’s important to create a ‘success’ mindset, and Dr Charles shows you how to do this in the fat loss factor book. Once you get this part right everything else comes easy because you’ll understand the dynamics behind it and why it’s done.

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The good, the bad and the ugly:

The Good:

·         There is a money back guarantee if you don’t like it

·         The fat comes off fast and things are kept fresh throughout

·         Muscle building also happens while losing the weight

·         Much higher energy levels are experienced

·         60 day money back guarantee

·         Easy-to-read guide that is explained very well

·         Ebook/video/grocery list etc.. are available to help you succeed.


The Bad:

·         It is hard at first, just like most new things

·         The commitment required is 100% - nothing less

·         Sometimes the food prices can be a bit high

·         To get everything from this book a gym membership is suggested (but not required)


All about the Fat Loss Factor  program

The fat loss factor guide contains 2 different phases, the first phase is around 2 weeks and the detox portion of this is included in this first phase. The second phase, which is quite a bit longer is closer to 10 weeks, every bit of it is explained along the way and offered with easy to follow books and or videos if it makes it easier for you. Everything is available for immediate download, I personally copied everything to a disc so I could have it with me on trips I took.


Every single product that I try (and before I buy it) I test out the support. I f you can’t get good support in a timely manner, what’s the point in even buying the product? It only shows the owner doesn’t care. – I did a test by sending a few emails with questions at different times about the fat loss factor program.  I asked for clarification on a few things and every single time I was replied to within 24 hours (many times in less than 4).  I was very surprised when I get an email from Dr. Charles himself. It didn’t take long to hear from him and he was more than helpful and answered my question beyond what I expected.


The pricing (to me) on this program is very reasonable, $47 for something that could change your whole mindset and body seems like a good deal. Of course there are other things you can buy at checkout which push the bill up higher, but that’s 100% up to you on whether you want to go that route. You can do everything you need with the book alone, but if you need that extra push (I did) then you can order more things to help you succeed.

Overall Conclusion

When I come to conclusion on a product (in this case fat loss factor) I always take a combination of pricing, support, user friendliness and a blimp type of view. I took the testimonials out there combined with personal user feedback (through forums) and made the conclusion that this was a worthwhile program. Everything from the detoxing to the intervals and everything in between I was overall very happy and gave it a 8.5 out of 10 based on all the above criteria that I previously mentioned. The choice is of course yours in the end and if you don’t think you will follow through with it, then don’t waste your time buying it. I wish you the best – to your success : )

Here’s what’s included in the fat loss factor:

  • Ebook
  • Videos
  • Workout plans
  • Goal setting
  • Health food lists
  • Recipes

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